London, UK - New audiotape narrated by Doro Jillings based book ‘The Dope Diet. How to lose 8 kilos, money, family, friends & sanity’ written by Dame DJ about David Grey’s two year addiction with marijuana from the family’s perspective.

Current legislation on the legalization of marijuana is making this topic very emotive so individuals are forced to take a stand one way or another. Users constantly claim dope is not addictive while their behavior has possibly changed to accommodate this habit. The families notice but any criticism or objection to dope smoking is seen as an ‘anti’ drug stance rather than genuine concern.

With no medical background Dame DJ objectively records his behavior, moods, progress, then regression, & subsequent consequences over a two-year period.

No judgment is made regarding the use of marijuana or any attempt to sway the reader’s opinion.

This book was written for the families of addicts, who watch, support and wait not knowing what the outcome will be.

The sequel book, ‘The Pot Hole. The dope delusion’ was written by David Grey giving his own version of the events during the same time frame.

Book Review:

This book is a rare and personal first hand insight into the complicated world of dope addiction. After I read this I realized how complex and multi layered all addictions can be and what a dangerous balance we struggle with. Dame DJ gives an accurate and honest account of conflicting emotions and frustrations watching someone slide away from reality. I really want to know what happened to David Grey. We have struggled with alcoholism in my family and this was insightful & blunt so helpful for those going through similar struggles.

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3 hours and 38 minutes
Version; Unabridged

About the Author:

Dame DJ describes her life as "married young, starved young, divorced young, had two children then lived in a few different countries and learnt about life" Her books include:

Gourmands On The Run! Part 1 & 2
Behind The Wall Part 1 & 2 & 3
To Be Or Not To Be Single Part 1 & 2
Downsize To Freedom Part 1 & 2
Percy The Pea

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