Warminster, PA — Some Face, LLC® today announced the release of its newest mobile virtual game: "iPal Baby | Virtual Baby Childcare Simulator" available through iTunes ® and Google Play â„¢ stores. iPal Baby is the sixth in a series of virtual, fun and educational apps designed for all ages; young children to adults.

Having invested a great deal of time and finances into the iPal Baby app with many more upgrades to accomplish, they have also kicked off a crowdfunding campaign iPal Baby - Virtual Baby Childcare Simulator on Kickstarter in hopes of assisting. The campaign seeks help with remaining development costs, additional graphics designs, testing and other game elements needed for the full versions.

"iPal Baby" is a mobile app designed not only for entertainment and fun but also to experience and learn the real life ups and downs of raising a child. Similar to the old Tamagotchi game, other than a pet, kids and adults get to enrich their parenting skills, for fun or curiosity. The application (app) takes you on a virtual creative guide that begins with creating your perfect baby and raising them until the age of six.

To get the game going:

- Decides if they want a boy or girl baby
- Choose their baby's features
- Pick a name
- Select some clothing
- Play various activities
- Watch the short training that provides more information

Perhaps most important is that the virtual baby gives a childcare simulation. Therefore, regardless if it's a child, teen, new parent or a parent wanting to make sure their teen understands the challenges of raising a child they get to try it out first. Getting to experience real reactions based on actions/responses.

There are hours, days and months of day to day tasks and activities to enjoy:

- Watch the baby! Observe his/her health and happiness indicators, do not let them fall.
- Take care and give them attention. Feed, change their diaper, buy new toys and play together.
- Watch the child and his pranks! Give the baby freedom of choice, but don't forget about possible injuries.
- Complete quests! Gain experience and receive game currency - BabyCoins - for each task.
- The baby lives in several different environments, baby room, living room, kitchen, backyard, etc., Decorate locations to your taste!
- Be stylish! Choose clothes, shoes and accessories. Let your baby be the most fashionable.
- Play mini-games and earn BabyCoins! Train your memory by playing “Cookies."
- Check your reaction - send the child into space to collect the stars.

"I play with my daughter, she adores those cute babies"

"Tamagotchi was my favorite game in childhood, now iPal Baby is my kid's favorite game."

"Like Tamagotchi and Sims, my kid can't stop playing with it, she's obsessed"

"This game can teach our children kindness and care" - recent app reviews

About the Company

Incorporated in 2012, Some Face, LLC has been dedicated to providing and enhancing lives through apps. With many business ups and downs, the Founder, became a successful small business owner who developed an interest in virtual / reality type games. "I had ideas of creating something new, different and family friendly that everyone, all ages could interact with" said Alexander Vulfov, Founder.

“We are thrilled to be developing such apps that have universal appeal and can be enjoyed by all" says Alexander. Previous iPal apps such as Your Best Virtual Friend, Call A Friend and others have been warmly received and downloaded tens of thousands of times.

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