Since its release, ‘ Fund an Idea ’, an online crowdfunding resource powered by InventHelp , has been dedicated to communally funding independent projects to get them off the ground. The website works off the recent online phenomena that is crowdfunding. The concept is simple. Ordinary users can view a vast array of projects, products, or business ideas, and choose from ones they find appealing. Then, they have the option to pledge a chosen amount of money toward the product, often in exchange for a reward. These rewards can be anything from acknowledgement and gratitude, to early access to the product or service, to exclusive access to certain products, features, or tools. This symbiotic relationship between producer and consumer allows the producer to fund their project without taking a massive monetary hit, while allowing consumers to vote for products, gaining rewards and knowing that their money is directly contributing to their favorite products.

Fund an Idea is a website led by Matthew Tagliavia, the Director of Marketing for InventHelp, a leading inventor service company. He recognized from his work with InventHelp that a large portion of what inventors needed was the initial funding. Because of this, he expanded his role at InventHelp to include leading the Fund an Idea team. “Crowdfunding encourages innovation. With the power of crowdfunding, great ideas that would otherwise go unnoticed because of lack of funding or publicity can now get noticed,” says Tagliavia on supporting small inventors in a Huffington Post interview

The Fund an Idea team is one comprised of marketing professionals, crowdfunding experts, and a staff dedicated to innovation and inventive development. This team is dedicated to ensuring that each product is of a quality worthy of investment and is provided the necessary publicity within the site. This business model sets Fund an Idea apart from other popular crowdfunding sites such as GoFundMe and Kickstarter. This business model attracted partners, such as InventHelp’s spokesperson, the professional boxer, George Foreman. “The power of crowdfunding is for every inventor. Fund an Idea allows inventors to try and raise the funds and find the supporters needed to bring their projects to life,” says Foreman, speaking on Fund an Idea.

By allowing ordinary users to fund their projects through community effort easily online, Fund an Idea invites more innovation from inventors by removing the hassle that comes with reaching initial funding goals. Alleviating this stress allows the inventors to focus wholeheartedly on production and development. Such assistance in development on the end of Fund an Idea means that more new, innovating, and useful products could potentially be available.

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