Newport Beach, CA — A new e-course just released by Licensing4Profits reveals the step by step process on how to license information products to generate more sales and profits. It’s designed for information product creators and marketers looking for ways to expand their distribution, find new products to sell, or create new sources of bottom line revenues.

The information industry generated over $700 billion dollars in 2013 according to the latest industry report from Outsell Inc. About 5% of those revenues are spent on self-paced e-learning information products, and spending is projected to double in 2015.

Information products are primarily distributed and sold on-line. But setting up an on-line company to make and sell information products is a time consuming and costly option. There is a long learning curve, plus the expenses for overhead, development and promotions. It can take months or years before the business starts making a profit.

Licensing on the other-hand is a lower cost and lower risk strategy that doesn’t require setting up a business. Why would a company want to license an existing information product? The biggest reason is it saves a lot of time and money. The development is done, and the product is a proven seller. Licensing a market ready information product let’s the company focus its financial resources on promoting and selling the product to its customers.

“One of the biggest advantages of licensing is leveraging the revenue sources that can be created from an information product”, said Rand Brenner, Founder of Licensing4Profits. “Instead of selling one product at a time, licensing only requires selling the license once to get paid over and over again.”

Information products can be licensed in many ways. These include different formats (e.g. e-books, CDs, or DVD), sales channels (e.g. direct to customer, on-line retailers) and territories or markets (e.g. domestic or international). Licensing is a faster way to get an information product into the market. It’s also a great strategy for increasing sales, by leveraging the distribution channels of multiple licensing partners.

Here’s some of what’s covered during this video e-course:

- How to leverage your info IP into multiple revenue streams
- The difference between and information product an info IP
- How licensing can double or triple your customer base and income
- Why licensing is more profitable than selling
- How to find information products to license
- How to turn any information product into a licensable intellectual property
- Three key licensing strategies and how to use them to maximize your revenues
- How to use licensing to increase the value of your info IP and business

Says Brenner: “By licensing the information product using the techniques and strategies presented in this e-course, information marketers can generate revenues from several licensing parters who are selling hundreds or thousands of their information product”.

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