Publishing around the world is in a significant phase of evolution and as it goes digital, one big challenge is to integrate information for digital platforms, into the Internet and Web environment. Considering the volume of information to be converted, doing this manually is just not possible, automation is therefore more than a need.

However, in the midst of a financial crisis that is having a ripple effect around the world, a little publishing services company is crafting new generation of tools that could help a segment of the most vulnerable to the economy small and mid-sized businesses.

What's different about this company? Is it just a case of another "cost arbitrage" advantage, just another part of the Indian equation to lower costs simply by having access to inexpensive talent. Not really.

New generation automation tools is their answer. For small and mid-size users one such answer is now available at , an engine that‘s running 24x7 non stop. For example if a user has an image in tiff or jpg format and wants to edit or capture its data, can go to and get its editable equivalent instantly, all in security of user‘s space in the server.

An everyday need for many individuals, students, teachers, professionals, accountants, lawyers and all small to mid-sized publishing businesses, this engine accessible from anywhere in the world is packed with power for everyday use. A versatile engine, users are bound to discover new ways to derive tremendous benefits out of this Do-It-Your-Own service as they discover more features as they go.

It will be interesting to see how this story unfolds. It‘s also about a company that's trying to be part of a revolution in its own little way to reach out small and vulnerable in this economy. Having spent time in India and Australia, the CEO of JVIS Rakesh Mathur, describes it as “bringing local talent to the top of the value chain, not just the middle.” JV Info Solutions Pty Ltd (JVIS) - specializes in document conversion for companies around the world and was facing several challenges when Rakesh decided to chart a new direction for the company. is one.

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