InfomatiX Ltd. (Budapest, HUNGARY) has released the new 3.0 version of MobiAccess the mobile development framework which consummates over 7 years of research and development effort.

Platform independence

The philosophy of the framework is to overlay the differences between the individual mobile platforms. Using the system makes it very easy to create business applications for all popular mobile platforms or to enhance existing corporate applications with mobile device support.
While MobiAccess offers a great set of standard functionality, there are various plug-ins available to leverage the technical advantages of the cutting-edge mobile devices your specific needs (GPS, RFID, NFC, Barcode reader, Digital signature, Camera).

Straightforward application development

Using and learning the framework is easy therefore the even novice developers can be productive and deliver business benefit in short timeframe. The framework installs its own SQL engine to each individual mobile device which is accessible to any MobiAccess applications running on the device. Utilizing a local mobile database, applications can be configured to work “offline” so for data input and storage does not require continuous online connection making master data access very fast and reliable.

Version 3.0 highlights

Increased performance

Thanks to our optimised algorithm for database operations, the new version benefits from 200 percent increase in synchronisation transaction speeds. More impressively we have achieved a 300 percent speed improvement in the mobile SQL engine performance. The improvements can be verified with the benchmark module of the framework.
The MobiAccess Benchmark application is a useful tool to determine the database performance figures. It is available for free from MobiAccess homepage along with uploaded benchmarks from other users for comparison purposes. Comparing the benchmark results helps enquirers choose the optimal platform based on performance to develop data-enabled mobile applications.

More supported platforms, new controls

The MobiAccess 3.0 supports even more mobile platforms, such as iPhone, BlackBerry Storm and the Google Android mobile operating systems. The advanced GUI and the new control gadgets (multiline text editor, analogue clock, slider, radio button group etc.) help to develop more user friendly and ergonomic applications.
The 3.0 version contains advanced handling of user rights and allows the development of custom add-ins. The built-in virtual mobile device boosts the development and reduces the testing timeframes.

InfomatiX is updating all of their proven enterprise solutions (InventoriX, QuiX, WorX, LogistiX) based on MobiAccess 3.0. ( These solutions support complex enterprise processes such as:
- Full scale support for Field Force Automation (FFA)
- Sales Force Automation (SFA)
- Warehouse management and supply chain management