Iconplant.com recently unveiled various icon packs for the popular Vista Operating System. Known for their smartly designed and unique concepts for icons, Iconplant.com expanded their line of icons to Vista. More and more businesses are now using the operating system and it‘s just fitting that customized icons to be used to properly identify one business to another. Iconplant.com is not just a simple marketplace for icons; it‘s a place for businesses to stand out among competition.

Fully adaptable to Vista operating system, the icons offered at Iconplant.com comes with very impressive pricing. Multi-media icons are only for $83 which consists of 61 icons, basic icons for your computer and network are only priced at $82 (60 icons) and the special “insurance” icons (industry based) are only at $74 for 36 icons. The website offers a wide variety of options for businesses who wanted to use industry based icons. Travel, real estate and online commerce are only some of the additional category available in Iconplant.com. The full Vista pack is only for $149 which is a great bargain for those who wanted to fully transform their desktop.

Differentiating itself from various free icon websites is challenging for Iconplant.com. But the website prides itself to offer not just simple icons in a single format. All icons in the website are available in the following sizes: 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 64x64, 128x128 and 256x256. Every icon can be replaced by Iconplant.com because of the sheer variety of icons available. The icons are also available in the following formats: jpeg, png, gif, psd, bmp and ico. Full customization is even possible since the icons also come in image format. Users can download the icons and make some changes via image format. High quality icons that are easy to understand and implement in Vista are now available at business friendly price.


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