With more and more being written on the power of Resveratrol, a natural compound found in some fruits and berries as well as in peanuts, among other things, a website has finally been launched that allows the consumer to find true and legitimate resources regarding Resveratrol and Resveratrol supplements.

October 9, 2009—With any "good thing" like Resveratrol, bad people and unscrupulous marketers will crawl out of the closet and do their best to take advantage of consumers. YouthFountainGuru.com was recently launched and has made it their mission to provide consumers with factual information regarding the "wonder" supplement Resveratrol.

Resveratrol is oftentimes referred to as the "red wine" supplement but the truth of the matter is that Resveratrol in supplement form is the only beneficial way to supply the body with Resveratrol (one would need to drink red wine all day long, every day to get the required 20 mg of Resveratrol that has been deemed helpful to human health).

Resveratrol was first "discovered" around seventy years ago, but didn't come under intense study until the last decade. Since a study in 2006 of Resveratrol that was administered to laboratory mice concluded that Resveratrol showed potential as an anti-aging and weight loss compound, many manufacturers have jumped on the band wagon and begun to market Resveratrol in supplement form. So much so, in fact, that cutting through the clutter to find an effect Resveratrol supplement has become a nightmare for the consumer. YouthFountainGuru.Com puts misinformation and deception to rest in regards to this truly amazing compound so that the consumer can find the best supplement for their particular needs.

Unlike companies that are marketing Resveratrol (many of them out to make a quick buck), YouthFountainGuru.Com wants consumers to know that Resveratrol is not the "magic pill" that will make you instantly look younger, feel younger, or become stronger physically, all by itself. You may need to make some changes in your lifestyle and diet to reap the rewards of Resveratrol, including watching what you eat, exercising at least three times weekly, and getting enough sleep. Resveratrol will help you by increasing your stamina, enhancing your energy and metabolism, giving you the ability to focus and think clearly, help you rest better at night, and slow down the aging process within the body by fighting free radicals. Although Resveratrol is technically not an antioxidant, it has substantial antioxidant properties that attack free radicals that are behind the aging process (which makes it of particular concern to YouthFountainGuru.Com). As an added benefit, those who take Resveratrol supplements may see a decrease in their cholesterol levels, which can help guard against heart disease. Promising research into Resveratrol also shows its possibilities in slowing the progression of certain cancers and preventing cancers in the first place (again, due to its antioxidant-like properties).

The founder of YouthFountainGuru.com says "Resveratrol can play a very important role in the fight against aging, which is what our website concerns itself with. We will continue to post material on our website regarding new developments and research when it comes to Resveratrol in the public interest".

For additional information about Resveratrol or other valuable information about staying healthy, vibrant and young for life, visit http://YouthFountainGuru.com .