OutsourcerMarketplace.com is an online marketplace for businesses that need to outsource their IT and BPO services and outsourcing service providers looking to attract new clients. Though there are a number of sites that provide a platform for buyers and sellers to meet, not many sites are geared towards comprehensive IT and BPO needs of companies. OutsourcerMarketplace.com, founded by Kevin Smith and Robert Bisci, is one such website. Both owners have over 25 years of combined experience in the IT and BPO business segments.
This website provides direct access to service buyers and providers to contact each other after following a streamlined process of sending and approving proposals and pricing, etc. When asked about the types of service categories being offered, Kevin Smith who is the Co-founder said, “Our website OutsourcerMarketplace.com caters to all IT and BPO Outsourcing such as IT managed Hosting and Services, Software Design & Support, Telemarketing, Call Centers, Data Entry, Animation and Designs, Accounting and Book keeping, Financial Services, Legal and many other services. Posting projects is extremely easy on our website and service buyers can find qualified professionals service organizations from all over the globe at economical rates.”
The new site OutsourcerMarketplace www.OutsourcerMarketplace.com is focused towards those service buyers and providers who are looking for long term business relationships. It has a Single or Multi-Year Outsourcing contract model. This is an ultimate website for those who are looking for business partners and associates to support IT and BPO requirements long term.
Buyers just need to register which is FREE and they can immediately post projects and receive bids. Through this website, a buyer is able to get more information about the provider‘s background and review their qualifications. The selection process is very easy when only qualified providers bid on the project. Outsourcing Buyers are provided use of templates to guide them through the Request For Proposal (RFP), Service Level Agreement (SLA) and Contract stages. Buyers and Providers can communicate through a Private Message Board.
Additional sales leads can be generated by those Outsourcing Providers with excellent abilities to market their services for the expansion of their business. Buyers have access to a large database of outsourcing providers ready and willing to deliver quality outsourcing services. The site is built to help make the outsourcing vendor selection process easier and less time consuming. The buyer is guided through the full selection life cycle.
Those Outsourcing Sales Professionals, who wish to earn an additional income, can also participate in the OutsourcerMarketplace Affiliate Program. Affiliates can earn a commission when they refer a potential buyer to the website. Commission is based on the total value of the buyers project after a winning outsourcing provider has been selected. For more information, please visit http://www.outsourcermarketplace.com.