Nigerian Crude Oil and Gas Investment Opportunity for Global Investors

CEO Integrity Intercontinental Ltd Mr Anakwe Joseph Chime announces the intention of his company to seek foreign investors in the Nigerian crude oil and gas industry. Speaking yesterday in Seoul South Korea, he said his company is searching for genuine investors in the Nigerian Crude Oil and Gas industry.

He said "now that the Niger delta rebels have dropped thier arms, Nigerian crude oil and gas investment doors have become a gold mine and only wise investors will take advantage of it". He said his company a subsidiary of the Integrity Intercontinental Group is more than ready to help global investors in getting the necessary licenses and also in helping them work with a legitimate company with Integrity who will help them settle down as soon as posible and get down to business.

He said using his company as your Nigerian representatives enables your company to fulfil the Nigerian Content law of Nigeria.

He said investment opportunities exist in:

1. Pipelines Construction and maintenance.
2. Geological surveys and exploration of both crude oil and gas.
3. Rig construction
4. Diving and deep sea services
5. Equipment supplies
6. Mining
7. Coal and bitumen mining
8. Gas Mining and processing
9. Petrochemicals
10. Dredging Services
11. General Construction
12. Oil and Gas Refineries and Processing
13. Oil and gas prospecting, oil and gas exploration and oil and gas mining.(OPL and OML)

He said anyone interested in investing in Nigerian crude oil and gas should contact him straight away through his website and the below contact details.

Chime Joseph Anakwe, President, Nigerian Crude Oil and Gas, Tel US 13109826737, Tel Korea 821080622191, Skype ChimeJoseph, [email protected] [email protected]