Nike wins the battle for the Top Sports Shop on, narrowly beating and The competition in the Sports Shops category was extremely tough but came out on Top in almost all tests. The editors at online sports index evaluated, tested and compared the best and worst sports shops online, separating the champs from the chumps, and concluded that Nike is still the king brand. Even with superstar promotions featuring the likes of David Beckham, couldn't top what Nike had to offer.

So what makes so special? Well, the editors at found that the store not only looks and feels great, it has fabulous special offers and cool features such as being able to customize your own training shoe! Adidas also offers this service but the range is limited and not available online. One of Nike's best features is their ´Have Nike Call You‘ option, where you can schedule a time and date for a representative to call you. Now that's what we call customer service. graded the online sports shops by looking at content, USP (Unique Selling Points) and value for money, giving a total of 9.4 out of 10. Adidas received an excellent 8.5 out of 10, but the big surprise came from - which grabbed a whopping 9.2 out of 10.

“Nike's online store is the Rolls Royce of sports shops on the web. Yet the competition in this category is extremely tough as the big brands battle for their share of the online market. Third-place Adidas is also a strong contender for best site but Nike ran away with the top spot thanks to its spectacular global event, the Human Race. Watch this space for more.”
Daniel Raz, Editor at
In other news this month, held onto the top spot in the Live Sports category with its excellent coverage of soccer and NHL Ice Hockey in brilliant HD. In the sports betting category, climbed to the top narrowly beating other sports betting sites such as and innovative Competition is hot, so watch this space next month for more updates from the world of online sports.

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