Dirt Connections, a Northern VA pool removal contractor , released a blog detailing the intricacies of Fairfax inground pool removal . This Northern VA pool removal contractor offers their Fairfax inground pool removal services while simultaneously explaining how removing an inground pool works. According to the Northern VA pool removal contractor, there are two options to get rid of a pool, partial inground pool removal and full inground pool removal. They also list the advantages and disadvantages of each type of pool removal service, allowing their customers to know what goes on during that process. Not only that, but they also explain, to a degree, why you would want to get Fairfax inground pool removal services to remove your pool.

Partial inground pool removal starts by bringing in materials such as dirt and their machines to the site. Then they drain the water completely, allowing for proper removal without any hazards. Next, three inch deep holes are drilled at the bottom of the pool, allowing the water from rain to drain into them. After that, the sides of the pool are broken down, but only about 18 inches from the top. They then put the rubble at the bottom of the pool and place dirt on it, which is then compacted neatly. This pool removal service only takes two to five days, costs less than a full inground pool removal, and allows you to think about what else to spend on. Unfortunately partial swimming pool removal can affect the value of your home when you sell it, as you need to disclose that information to potential buyers. Not only that, but the place where the inground pool is removed can be deemed unbuildable by most people, which means you are not allowed to build anything on top of it.

Full inground pool removal also starts with them bringing over their machines and materials for demolition. If your pool has steel walls or a steel collar, then the steel needs to be removed first. After that, they drain all the water out of the pool and drill three inch deep holes into it for better drainage. After that, the machines begin to break up everything. Unlike a partial inground pool removal, a full inground pool removal has everything demolished, with the debris being picked up by special machinery and loaded onto a truck to be taken away. They then fill the empty cavity with dirt, compacting it into place. While it is more costly and takes much longer than a partial inground pool removal, a full inground pool removal allows for less backfill errors and more space to build things on top, such as a shed.

Dirt Connections is a Northern VA pool removal contractor that also focuses on constructions of all kinds. Having more than 30 years of experience, this Northern VA pool removal contractor is able to remove pools, build houses, haul away debris, and much, much more. They make sure to keep the site clean and can even haul in free dirt, should you call for it. For more information, visit their website at https://www.dirtconnections.com/ or call 703-904-9949. You can also visit them at 8309 Crestridge Rd. Fairfax Station, VA 22039.

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