Samglo Enterprises LTD announces the re-introduction of Nu-Liver, a natural herbal formula from the Orient that supports, protects, and strengthens the liver safely with virtually no side effects.

Doctors working in China during the past 4 decades have demonstrated scientifically that certain herbal formulas can naturally strengthen and protect the liver from liver damage in humans. Using this scientific discovery, they have created a powerful herbal medicine formula that combines both liver-restorative and liver-protective properties. One of the major herbal formulations used by many Chinese doctors to treat over 50 million Chinese people with a poorly functioning liver, Nu-Liver herbal formula is NOW available outside of China.

This herbal formula is virtually non-toxic and eliminates the devastating side effects often experienced by those who take the standard western treatment consisting of chemical drugs. Nearly all people who take chemical drugs will experience side effects that can potentially damage their thyroid gland, red blood cells, stomach and pancreas. This powerful Chinese herbal medicine formulation is designed to return the liver to normal balance and harmony without the severe side effects from chemical drugs that are often worse than the ailment itself. And when liver functions are normalized, persons with liver damage and injury from many causes can maintain a normal or near normal quality of life.

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