Off label use of HGH has created a multi-billion dollar industry and the role of HGH in the aging process has created mixed information. While some doctors refer to it as the fountain of youth, others oppose its use for aging. This leaves the consumer confused and unsure. According to the most recent studies HGH does indeed have some anti aging properties.

HGH studies into its role in slowing or reversing aging isn’t new, and can actually be found dating back decades. The first well known HGH study was a landmark study by Rudman and colleagues back in 1990 that already showed that HGH could reverse signs of aging. The use of HGH to reverse the signs of aging is also not new. Back in 2008 Suzanne Somers wrote some of the best-selling books on the market about anti aging that also referred to the use of HGH.

Right now there is a series of 18 studies that can be found relating to growth hormone and aging. Some of these studies are controversial while others clearly show that HGH can help to reverse the signs of aging. Brown-Borg Study ; Flurkey Study 2001; Bartke and Brown-Borg Study; Sell and Lorenzini; Samaras and Storms; Littman — these are just a few of the studies that have looked at how HGH injections affect aging.

HGH injections have been shown to slow the signs of aging and reverse existing aging signs. However, HGH injections are very expensive and the FDA has not approved HGH for use in anti-aging . It is a felony to prescribe HGH for any other reasons than AIDS wasting syndrome, short stature in children, or growth hormone deficiency syndrome. The latter is so rare that less than 5 out of every 10,000 adults are affected by it. According to the FDA there is no changes planned relating to the laws around human growth hormone.

According to doctors specialising in anti-aging, a person can naturally increase HGH levels in the body using a number of natural options. Carb back loading is one very effective method for people who are serious about boosting the HGH levels in the body. It was invented by physicist John Kiefer it’s an eating style that is as anabolic as possible, and it will skyrocket the users GH and testosterone levels.

According to medical professionals a person might also detox to improve liver function and therefore increase IGF-1 production, which is the by-product of HGH that the human body can use. Fasting is another natural alterative that has shown increased HGH in the human body. A study conducted by the University of Virginia, found that after 24-hours of fasting, HGH increased 2000 percent from the baseline!

Research has shown that those individuals who exercise regularly have higher HGH levels. A recent study also found that basic squats increase testosterone and HGH levels more than any other movement.High Interval Intensity Training is known to boost HGH levels because it activates the “super-fast muscle fibres,” which then triggers a huge release of HGH and testosterone into the bloodstream.

Research has also shown that increases in certain amino acids and vitamins can increase the body’s production of HGH. One study found that subjects given a mixture of L-arginine and L-leucine, had HGH increased by 700 percent. A study done at Louisiana State College of Medicine researchers gave the subjects 2 grams of L-Glutamine that had been dissolved in a drink of cola, and in just 90 minutes after consuming the HGH levels were significantly increased in the test group.

The University of Genova in Italy study suggested Vitamin D is linked to muscle growth, and later they clearly found that Vitamin D played a key role in helping to increase HGH levels in the body. Yet another recent study found out that taking a melatonin study before bedtime increased growth hormone levels by 157 percent.

Taking a natural HGH supplement such as Genf20 Plus or Sytropin also helps to boost production of HGH in the pituitary gland. The consumer should make sure the supplement chosen is one that has been tasted and has the science to back it.

And of course, most people already know that laughter is the best medicine and a study done back in 1989 proved just that. It found that men who had 60 minutes of comedy film received an 87 percent increase in HGH levels. And finally, eliminating sugar from the diet helps to increase HGH levels, because sugar causes insulin spike that suppress HGH and testosterone levels.

The science clearly shows how a person can safely and naturally increase HGH in the body without the risks associated with HGH injections. HGH research is likely to continue.

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