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Dr. Eric Chun Pu Chu from NYMG’s Chiropractic Department and Dr. Raymond Wong from School of Medicine, Chinese University Hong Kong have highlighted the potential benefits of integrating chiropractic into a multidisciplinary approach to cancer care. Bone and Joint Pains should not be undermined as they are the most common symptoms of Myelofibrosis (MF), a rare hematological disease. The research was published in the official journey of the translational medicine society – The New Horizons of Clinical Case Reports.

NYMG reported a 58 year old man who was diagnosed with MF several years ago. The patient underwent splenectomy and targeted therapy with ruxolitinib. He had been suffering from intractable bone pain during the last 3 years. The pain was resistant to all types of medical, analgesic and physical therapies. As a construction engineer, the patient’s job involved lot of physical labor but had to continue working due to his family and his financial constraints. He was co-treated by a chiropractor from NYMG after which the patient had experienced significant pain alleviation. The patient had a little improvement in his lifestyle and earned well before he unfortunately died of septic complications.

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