Truffle farm-Bg announces the maintenance waiver to its truffle tree share holders.

“Oak and hazel truffle farm is our only business and we have been concentrating all our efforts into making our truffle farm most valuable venture in terms of producing ecologically-friendly (refraining from the use of heavy machinery for tilling and inter cultivation) and quality Perigord truffle and black truffle as well as getting maximum productivity of truffle yield per hectare per year. We have done everything right; from picking experts in truffle rearing to giving them hands-on training for ecological cultivation of oak and hazel truffle that gives congenial conditions for maximum production. As we step into third year of our entrepreneurship in truffle farm, we want to celebrate it. There will be no maintenance charges on the part of the shareholders and each truffle tree share will cost 130€ and it‘s for the life of entire plantation,” says the Managing Director and CEO of the Truffle Farm-Bg.

He further shares, “we now offer one real chance for anyone to own a truffle tree share. The one-time investment of 130€ and forget. The harvested truffles or money will be sent to any address you may want us to. As we enter into the third year, we take time to thank our loyal shareholders for their loyal patronage. We also take this as time to tell all that we are contemplating on expanding our potential and invite investors or truffle tree share holders to invest in the truffle farm.

Further remarking, the CEO says, “We have brought the quality inoculum that would produce quality aromatic truffle. We want to make an exclusive truffle farm that will produce high market valued Perigord truffle or the black truffle too. On average you can assume a productivity of 30 kg of truffle per hectare per year. Each pound of black truffle will fetch minimum of $300 in the international market and we will send 50% of the harvested produce through post or sell on your behalf and cash will be transferred (as per the existing market rates) hassle free to your account.

“Truffles can be even gourmet gifts or gastronomic gifts or make those precious unusual gifts appreciated by connoisseurs or vegan movement followers. The idea of giving truffles as corporate gifts to employees has also picked up in the recent years. We invite people to adopt a tree and make a worthwhile investment of their money. We will limit number of subscribers so as the demand for truffle grows higher in the coming years you can expect an amazing return on investment; much better than the volatile shares of even big public limited companies. There can‘t be a better time to make an investment with just 130€ per share with maintenance charges waived,” remarks the CEO.

The Truffle Farm-Bg was founded in 2007 with the intent of producing quality Perigord or Black and truffle. The plantation site is managed with simple hand-operated equipment so the soil is not impacted and made non-congenial for growth and development of fungus. The company will also employ trained dogs to harvest the truffles. The company website is and the sales team can be contacted at [email protected].