Bucharest, Romania - This season brings the first PC & Mac game that can be played with a Wii Remote. It is called Sun Blast - a Sci-Fi themed arcade space shooter created by OBLONE Software. For those who do not possess a Wii Remote, the game can be controlled using a standard keyboard.

Andi Anton, CEO of Oblone Software declared:
"Sun Blast opens a new dimension in computer gaming. It is known that Nintendo sold millions of Wii consoles, mainly for its innovative controller and now many companies are mass-producing compatible remotes, reaching new customers every day.

What many people should know is that the great controller can easily be connected to the computer, turning it into a powerful console. When we discovered this, we thought: What if we design a game that combines the quality of a PC game with the ease of use of the Wii Remote? And this is how Sun Blast was born.

With support for HDTV resolutions and many unique features, Sun Blast redefines new standards for computer gaming."

Q: Are there technical skills required to connect a Wii Remote to the computer?
A: No, the process is similar to connecting a cellphone to the computer. On Mac OS X is even easier than that. The requirements are: a Bluetooth device and a few minutes to try. Documentation for this is provided on Sun Blast's website. http://www.sunblastthegame.com

Q: What about the price?
A: Our vision is to bring quality games at the most affordable prices. That is why, during this season, Sun Blast is available for only $5.95. Players will enjoy the quality of a PC game at a better price than most console games, including WiiWare games. We also have a promotion running for this game: every 100th customer will get his money back. A free demo version is available on our website so anyone can try it, without obligations.

Q: Are there other games released by OBLONE Software?
A: Yes. We really wanted to have a kids title by the end of the year, so we acquired the rights for "Tripsimus and the Magic Lettuce" and released it in November at the unbeatable price of $2.95. We view this as a great gift for the kids. We are currently in development of other titles too.

"OBLONE Software started its journey through the gaming industry in this summer. During the first six months, the sales exceeded our expectations and we are confident in our simple and efficient policy: quality products at the most affordable prices." said Andi Anton at the press conference held by OBLONE Software.