Dallas, TX--With this new program the Dallas daycare hopes to combat the spread of the disease before it can be transmitted through direct contact. While the Dallas School district has been beset with a rash of new outbreaks and with children being among the easiest to contract or spread the disease, more comprehensive measures are needed to maintain a safe environment.

For the week of October 4-10, 11 flu-related pediatric deaths were reported; 10 of these deaths were confirmed 2009 H1N1. Brilliance Preschool and Academy works to make sure that their new preventative measures will ensure a safe and productive learning environment.
Brilliance Preschool and Academy has several tools at their disposal to combat the spread of H1N1. Parents are encouraged to wash their hands before and after entering the school. In every bathroom there is a hand washing guide for the children to follow and throughout the day teachers and administrators use Lysol and other cleaning products to maintain a germ free environment. In every classroom teachers clean and wipe up after any type of use by the children. After hours while the school is closed, janitors come to clean and sanitize everything by using disinfecting spray and a combination of bleach and water to guarantee a level of safety when the parents and children return in the morning. “These are just some of the precautions we‘re taking here at Brilliance. We want to make sure that we go above and beyond other Dallas daycares when it comes to student safety,” said Kelly Mayberry, Director of Personnel at Brilliance Preschool and Academy.

Additionally, Brilliance Preschool and Academy has explored other methods of combating the spread of the H1N1 virus. It has been shown that hand washing is not enough to prevent airborne viruses from being transferred. That's because there is virtually no evidence that people can catch the influenza virus from germs that they pick up on their hands, according to Arthur Reingold, head of epidemiology at the University of California, Berkeley. Air purifiers as well as herbal remedies have been investigated as a means to eliminate the threat. Brilliance‘s dedication to preventing the spread of illnesses further strengthens their commitment to providing an excellent learning center.

About Brilliance Preschool and Academy
Brilliance Preschool and Academy was established in January of 1996 to fill a need for a high quality preschool education. In a period of six years, Brilliance has added Kindergarten, and 1st 4th grades. Brilliance Academy is now one of Dallas‘ best daycare and private school facility. This growth is directly attributed to the positive development that parents have witnessed during their children‘s preschool attendance at Brilliance. Brilliance Academy‘s approach to education is a combination of Communication, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Character and Confidence. In developing its methodology, Brilliance curriculum has taken into account the importance of a child‘s early formative years, the cognitive phases of a child‘s development, the benefits of learning through concrete experiences, and the evaluation of the eight intelligences as presented by educator Howard Gardner. For more information, visit http://www.brillianceacademy.com.