Los Angeles, CA March 26, 2010 - OneShotFitness.com is now the only dealer offering a free fitness equipment consultation and professional advice directly to the general public. The Los Angeles corporate office is staffed 24/7 with certified fitness experts to provide expertise, over the phone, to anyone researching fitness equipment for public or private use. This service has been introduced to help consumers make the most informed decision possible prior to investing in a piece of fitness equipment and starting a new workout program.

"What the industry has seen over the past 5 years has been an explosion in nationwide sales, but not a proportional growth in customer satisfaction with their health and fitness level," says CEO Arun Dev. According to a recent national consumer public health study, the leading cause of this trend is people who select the wrong piece of fitness equipment for their specific physical needs and limitations. "The industry is saturated with sales-mill type operations which push high-margin product and best-deals, but they do not accurately address the person who will be using the equipment," says Dev. "This creates a situation where a decision could be potentially harmful to the health and fitness of a well-intentioned person who wants to start to exercise."

OneShotFitness.com, LLC, having roots as the proven industry leader in customer service and fitness equipment quality, has developed the new public-service as an extension of its core values as a company. "Every person, regardless of age, condition, or income-bracket should know that they are investing wisely and accurately when it comes to their physical health and fitness," states Dev. "It is too valuable of a decision to leave to chance, a whim, or a short-termed commission salesman." The One Shot consultation involves specific questions regarding age, weight, medical conditions, prior surgeries, amount of usage, and various other crucial technical factors involved in choosing the correct fitness machine.

Every fitness expert at OneShotFitness.com has a minimum of 10-years hands-on experience in both the fitness equipment sales industry and as a certified personal trainer. This ensures all relevant diet, health, training and basic medical needs for home or facility are addressed in every consultation. The fitness experts offer a simple breakdown of all practical and techincal aspects involved in making the right decision with no obligation to purchase from One Shot Fitness. Again quoting owner Dev, "I don't care if you're a homeowner or a gymowner, looking for one piece or one-hundred pieces, it is a person's right to be duly informed on the specifics of an increasingly technical and specific online industry."

"I feel we offer our clients the best total package of quality, service, and value in the industry," says CEO Arun Dev. "Therefore, I am confident in instructing my employees to be truthful to the extent of recommending another dealer if we are unable to meet their specific needs." "I am also enthusiastic about giving back to the public in the form of a free service that, prior to OneShotFitness.com, has been either skewed or non-existent. This is the way that business in America was done in the past, ought to be done now, and ought to be done in the future."

About OneShotFitness:

OneShotFitness.com is the proven leader in online fitness equipment sales. It focuses on providing top-quality commercial-grade brands, concierge customer service, and the best total turnkey packages for price and value in the entire industry. For more information on all products and services please call 1-888-348-6728 or visit http://www.oneshotfitness.com