Here are a few of the benefits that video game distributors will receive from the use of the Naxdax service?
• Free Advertising Using Company Profile Listing
• Free Unlimited New and Used Video Game Listings
• Targeted Demographic for Increased Sales
• Real Time Updates for New and Used Video Game Titles
• Simple Inventory Listing Features
• Simple Video Game Search Features Filtered by Genre
• And More…

Naxdax strives to put the gaming industry in the hands of the same people that are holding the controllers and making the video game industry the billion dollar industry that it is. Naxdax feels strongly that those who create the revenue should partake in the revenue and support the companies that don‘t monopolize the gaming industry.

Video game distributors can take advantage of the free inventory listing and additional features offered by Naxdax by simply visiting the Naxdax website and creating a distributor account

About Naxdax Inc.:

Fueled by the outcry of gamers, Naxdax was founded to provide a secondary market for fast and easy trading between video game owners, using the internet as a medium. Naxdax, Inc. is a California corporation that is created by gamers, for gamers. Derived and inspired by the NASDAQ stock market, but without all the nuisance of financial, political, investment, and management risks; Naxdax is an innovative way to connect thousands of gamers around the country to buy, sell, and trade their video games by providing a stock exchange approach for e-commerce, payments, and information.