Family owned and operated Ontario-based asphalt paving business, C Aurora Paving Ltd, has recently launched its preventative maintenance service to protect residents’ paving from the harsh elements of the changing seasons.

With a focus on safety and environmental responsibility, C Aurora Paving Ltd felt that they had the responsibility of keeping and protecting residents’ paving – no matter the weather. Although asphalt is still considered the leading paving material among industry experts, the weather experienced in Ontario can induce deterioration over time.

Considering the financial costs of the COVID-19 crisis has been felt across Canada, C Aurora Paving Ltd took it upon themselves to develop a service that ensured residents would enjoy pristine paving for years to come. According to C Aurora Paving Ltd’s management team, “Over time, elements such as extreme heat, frost, salt, grease, oil, transmission fluid, gas, and other damaging substances can cause asphalt to crack and crumble. Potholes may also appear in extreme cases and over a longer period.”

As Ontario moves from its scorching summer to the first frosts of fall, this can be extremely dangerous to drive on. The management team explained, “Not only is a breaking and un-leveled driveway unsightly, but it’s also dangerous.” They said, “Driving on unlevel surfaces is [also] challenging and damaging to your car.” To protect residents’ vehicles, paving, and personal safety, C Aurora Paving Ltd employs sustainable, cost-effective solutions to ward off weather-related damage. “Our professional staff provides acrylic sealant, hot liquid filler as well as taking the time necessary to saw, cut, remove and reinstall asphalt for larger areas,” said the management team.

With almost 50 years’ experience specializing in asphalt paving for driveways, roadways, and parking lots, asphalt removal, and resurfacing, C Aurora Paving Ltd have the ability and specialist equipment needed to exceed expectations and stay within council regulations. As they consider their customers to be an intrinsic ingredient in their journey to success, their thoroughly trained team focus on cost-effective, long-lasting solutions – with all work fully guaranteed!

Armed with this exceptional ability and a passion for improving the lives of its customers, C Aurora Paving Ltd aims to save Ontario residents from costly catastrophes caused by the changing four seasons. “Our paving processes are strategic, sustainable, and cost-effective so that our valued customers get more out of the service than they bargained for.”

About us:
Canadian family owned and operated asphalt driveway paving company and contractor, C Aurora Paving Ltd, has been paving the way to smooth, sustainable surfaces in Ontario since 1976. Specializing in asphalt paving for driveways, roadways, and parking lots, asphalt removal, repairs, and resurfacing, they offer a highly experienced team, sustainable safety, and environmental responsibility, ensuring the highest quality results every time. Although a master of asphalt paving, C Aurora Paving Ltd has expanded their services over almost 50 years to also offer stone-paved and concrete driveway services. For those who would like to make use of C Aurora Paving Ltd’s preventative maintenance services or more, kindly contact them on 905-435-0401.

Company Name: C.Aurora Paving LTD
Contact Name: Mike Mancuso
Phone No: 905-435-0401
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