Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Outdoor kitchens are becoming all the rage these days making family barbecues easier than ever! Cooking on a large outdoor grill allows you to cook more food at once when youre entertaining and its easier to clean up afterwards. Youve probably grown tired of running back and forth from the kitchen to the grill. Make your life easier by putting together an outdoor kitchen. Even the simplest of set-ups can make outdoor cooking more efficient. The fanciest ones mean you will not have to go back inside until all your guests leave because everything is right at your fingertips! Charcoal grilling used to be king but since then we have gained a new ruler in the grilling department that runs on gas. If you go more high end youll get everything included. Your work space, side burners and storage space will all be inbuilt. Its all geared to making it easy and fun to entertain your friends.

Cooking Outdoors

If youre a regular barbecuer then an outdoor kitchen may be just your thing. If you constantly run out of room on the grill you run the risk of serving food cold. You might also be wondering how to make use of that neglected patio or deck. An outdoor kitchen might also release your creative juices so you move on from the usual burgers and dogs. Also if youre tired of the outrageous electric bills due to your heating up the kitchen and your air conditioner working overtime.

An outdoor kitchen can be as small or elaborate as you want with the grill being the centerpiece. Most outdoor kitchens will be made up of a grill that can be moved on wheels and can also be taken with you whenever you move houses. There is still a massive range of choices in style and size however. For beach goers there are plenty of models that you can pack in the car and take with you. If you are planning to incorporate the kitchen as a permanent part of your home, select a built in grill that will drop into a space on a cabinet with countertops that is built on site. This is much like your kitchen inside. There are quite a lot of accessories available that you may need to consider. You will probably need at minimum a basket for grilling fish,vegetables, or hush puppies, a griddle, tongs, and a good quality meat thermometer. Side burners are included in most grills today but a camping stove can get the job done. Being clean is vitally important. Make sure your cooking area is sanitized before you start cooking. You can have whatever lights you fancy in your outdoor kitchen but for the cooking area a direct light source is best. Large BBQ Grill

For cooking meat at night a clip on light that attaches directly to the grill will give you the ability to see your meat with crystal clarity, enabling you to cook your steaks to perfection every time. Another consideration is a patio heater or fire pit if you are going to use the space year round in chilly environments. Insects can ruin the most elegant and well-planned parties so never forget to have repellents conducive to your location. If bugs were not enough, smoke in your guest eyes is not comfortable so dont forget the exhaust hood. Having enough electrical outlets is important as is a refrigerator to keep drinks cold, a sink for washing and cleaning and warming drawers so you dont end up serving cold food. Wine storage and an ice machine are other accessories you might also like to consider.

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