Oxford Biolabs has announced the release of two new hair care products. These are the TRX2® Advanced Care Volumising Shampoo and TRX2® Advanced Care Bio-Active Conditioner . The products come with excellent characteristics needed to protect hair from the negative influence of the environmental conditions, stresses, health problems and other factors that may trigger hair dehydration and other related issues.

Oxford Biolabs® is a renowned company, which focuses on the development of cosmetic products to help customers avoid and prevent the major signs of ageing. The company was founded in 2009 by the group of scientists from the University of Oxford under the guidance of Dr. Thomas Whitfield . This is what they tell about the company and its mission:

“We are committed to operate and grow while striving to ensure that our products and activities deliver second-to-none performance whilst remaining naturally-based and drug-free. At the same time, we wish to be recognised as being among best-in-class ethical employers in those locations where we have staff, and work with business partners who also share our values, whilst showing commitment to highest quality standards in terms of production, distribution or marketing practices.”

The products the company manufactures are not tested on animals and contain natural ingredients that are safe yet effective. This also concerns two products the company has introduced at the market.

TRX2® Advanced Care Volumising Shampoo contains natural ingredients combined with chemical compounds. This combination has positive effect on hair growth, nourishing it and giving it extra volume. The shampoo prevents the damage of hair follicles and can be used by people with diverse skin and hair types. This is a natural way to prevent hair from dryness.

The developers of the product recommend using the shampoo in combination with another advanced product - TRX2® Advanced Care Bio-Active Conditioner. It is also based on natural ingredients and, thus, is a nice addition to the volumising shampoo. The conditioner stimulates hair growth, improves its structure, makes it well-hydrated and properly moisturized. It should be applied on wet hair after it is washed. Regular application of this conditioner makes hair smooth, silky and healthy.

Both hair care products offered by Oxford Biolabs® are dermatologically tested, which reduces the risk of allergic reactions. They are manufactured in Germany and feature high quality and safety.

About the Company:

Oxford Biolabs® is a Germany-based cosmeceutical company, which is engaged in the development and manufacture of cosmetic products used to prevent and fight against the signs of ageing. The company was founded in 2009 and has gained immense popularity with users, who face hair and skin problems and are looking for effective solutions. The products the company manufactures are quality, safe and effective. They combine natural and chemical ingredients, which always ensures perfect result.

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