Hong Kong, China - Parkway Display Products Limited, a reputable manufacturer of acrylic display products that has its manufacturing and warehousing facility nestled in Southern China, recently announced that they have already begun providing added services with their acrylic display manufacturing services. The owners said that they are now providing custom acrylic designing, imprinting and fabrication services and expressed hope that the add-on services would help them in getting more export orders from their overseas buyers.

“The overseas market for us is expanding by the minute. With the new add-on services added to the main services, we believe that we will be able to sell more acrylic display cases this year. We have found a strong foothold in the domestic market and we believe that we will be able to gain some traction in the overseas market with the extended services that we are offering now”, said Sophie Lee, the sales department head of the company during the press conference. She also expressed great hope their fast shipment policy, eight years of industry presence, and wholesale pricing would be the other deciding factors for their future success in the Chinese domestic market and the overseas market as well.

“We already have been able to build trust in the Chinese domestic market, particularly due to our competitive pricing policy. We believe that the addition of the other services, such as acrylic display box prototyping service and ODM services would boost our growth in the international markets. We now look forward to forging in active partnerships with UK and US based value added resellers. Since we are into acrylic cosmetic display product manufacturing, prototyping, ODM and OEM already, we believe that we will be able to draw huge response from the market in the coming days”, added Sophie Lee.

Among other products, the company also manufactures now acrylic display photo frames . The CEO maintained that the overwhelming variety of products that they sell is the biggest reason why they have managed to gain huge traction in the Chinese domestic market. “We have to use this experience to capture the attention of our overseas investors”, he said.

About the Company

Parkway Display Products Limited is a large manufacturer and wholesaler of acrylic display products.

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