Hong Kong, China - Parkway Display Products Limited, a manufacturer of acrylic display products of a disparate range and having its headquarters in Wanchai, Hong Kong, recently lifted the curtains of its latest arrivals in store. The company provided a short demo of the newest products in their ecommerce store during a recently held trade show. The demo was followed by a brief introduction to all the new products in their store that are sold on wholesale basis.

“The readymade acrylic display, baseball trading card acrylic display cases , countertop acrylic display cases, and jewelry acrylic display cases are some of the products that we have launched recently. All these products are specifically designed for the advertising and promotions industry. We hope that the products we have added to our store will entice our new investors and make way for further business growth and expansion”, said Sophie Lee, the sales director of the company. She also said that the company now acts as an OEM and ODM partner for various value added resellers in and outside China.

The acrylic display boxes that the company now sells are ideal for point-of-sale display, exhibition display, retail store display and many other purposes. The transparent nature of the acrylic display containers make them grossly useful for the trade shows and events. The owners said that this year, they will focus on promoting their latest arrivals in trade shows and exhibitions. They also said that the pricing policy of the company may be revised to find strong collaboration opportunities outside China. In addition to that, the company is presently looking to develop a solid customer support service base so that overseas customers can be rightly served.

The CEO of the company recently met the press at an event held at his office. He said that the company will strive to make quality acrylic display boxes and other products, like it has always done since its inception in 2009. He also stressed on the importance of research and development as believes that continuous development and innovation are the only two things that can propel his company’s growth and development.

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Parkway Display Products Limited is a top manufacturer of acrylic display products.

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