Paul Flannery

Alternative rock/metal prodigy Paul Flannery is proud to announce the release of his new song, Roses. The new hit track is already garnering so much buzz online and on different radio stations across Arizona. With rock fans seemingly not getting enough of this new sick tune. For long, Paul have carved a niche for himself with his own unique rock tunes, and the new track "Roses" represents how well he has matured musically in expressing his emotional pains and passion through music.

Roses, a soft rock tune comes from a place of appreciation for his wife's dedication and support towards his music career. Paul said, "It wasn't easy for her I'm sure. With my bad temper and all the health care stuff she had to deal with. As time went on, my family supported my music and let me experiment. My wife loves watching me. So what better gift than a song named Roses".

Paul discovered music to be the Elixir of his life at a very young age and hasn't looked back since discovering his passion. "It doesn't matter what situation I am going through, music has helped me get through it all. My last 2 songs were written, produced and sang in the back of an RV, determination allowing me to push through," he said. Paul's music reflects not just his life and community but also of people around the world. It has been a great adventure for him, and he is glad that his music is finally making waves and reaching more people worldwide.

Paul Flannery is based in New Mexico and his music has been played on different radio stations like KFMA Tucson Arizona, KISS FM Arkansas, Jamshphere Radio, New York Live and The Fierce Female Network. You can also find his music on Spotify and Youtube.

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