Taking our pets to the vets has never been a pleasant experience but we put our trust and faith in the caring veterinary practitioners and hope that they can help. There is usually a simple cure for all common illnesses and injuries associated with animals.

But what happens if you are told the cost of treatment is going to be over a thousand pounds? Many of us simply cannot afford to pay this and even more so since the economic downturn. Keeping our pets is a costly activity as we pay out for food, treatments and accessories on a regular basis.

It may be something that has not crossed our minds in the past but more commonly today vets can perform euthanasia on pets if owners cannot pay the vet bill. If an animal is old and suffering from numerous problems this procedure would be easier to accept. However in most cases people simply seek help for their young and perfectly healthy pets.

When did veterinary surgeons become God? What gives them the right to make a final decision on whether our pets stay alive or die?

If there is nothing we can do to stop this then we at least need to take control of the situation and look at what we can do to prevent this. An option would be to set up a payment plan with your vet if you struggle to pay the fee in one go. This is usually an easy option if you are a regular customer. However, don't expect a vet you've never been to before to agree to such a plan; they wont know you or understand where you are coming from.

Pet insurance is now more essential than ever as it helps loyal pet owners spread the cost of heavy vet bills and provides reassurance that their pet, whether a dog, cat or rabbit, will be saved from an early death. There are many different covers available to owners and some policies are cheaper than others, depending on the age, breed and health of your pet.

It is best to compare policies and check which is best for you, taking into account whether or not it is immediate cover, waiting periods for illnesses and accidents and ongoing treatment cover. You can then be clear on what you are purchasing and how you will benefit from it. By paying a small amount each month, pet insurance could save you from extreme vet costs long term.

Vets have the right to perform euthanasia if owners refuse to pay high vet bills so consider your options, think ahead, plan your finances and buy pet insurance.

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