Kapzy News - The Superior Court and the administrative litigation, as part of the investigation of the use of Petrocaribe funds for the period from 2008 to 2016, determined that the companies owned by the Dominican Senator Ing. Félix Bautista benefited from contracts for more than 200 million dollars in fraudulent circumstances.

The investigations carried out by senatorial commissions and the Superior Court determined that the contracts granted to the companies of the Dominican senator were never executed, although the payments corresponding to those contracts were disbursed.

In this regard, the CSCCA has requested the financial reports of the Senator of the Republic and all other administrative, technical and financial documents related to these projects, the Court requires that documentation be submitted for the technical data sheets, contracts, disbursements, deferrals and other documents for each project as soon as possible.

The complainant lawyer André Michel, in the Petro Caribe case, expressed that a committee composed of two auditors of the institution has been appointed to follow up.

Sources consulted said: “The defendant must at some time appear before the justice of Haiti to be tried by law. Haitians and the Dominican Republic as a signatory to the United Nations Convention against Corruption will not be able to obstruct this issue in the current international context, marked by mutual judicial and police assistance in the fight against corruption, drug trafficking and money laundering money.

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