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Life is often so hectic nowadays that it’s difficult to juggle the raft of personal admin such as receipts, renewals, direct debits and invoices. Inevitably, things go wrong and oftentimes a simple phone chat with a utility company can do wonders at sorting out any issues. If a call is the only way to sort out a problem, it often takes a marathon length of time on the telephone and endless frustration to navigate a stream of automated telephone systems before being connected to the wrong department. Occasionally the Stars align and problems are sorted but not without several wasted minutes.

Often, it’s in the interests of the utility company to direct customers to online communications such as email or online contact form, simply because this is a more manageable way to deal with queries. Therefore, it can be difficult if not impossible to find a contact number for some companies or organisations. It seems wait in telephone queues before actually having the opportunity to speak to a company rep or call centre operative with a limited script is the best that can be expected.

There is a solution though, Phone Them is a connection service and central database of useful numbers which promises to provide an immediate connection with the correct department. Getting the right number for the right department will save time. It will also save money and effort because there is no need to hang online for hours trying to get through to the right person to deal with an issue.

As Paul Gordon from says, “Waiting on a phone line is the last thing that anyone will want, especially in an emergency. As a free website, it holds the details for all the main utility and phone line companies.”

So, to save time, energy and money, think to quickly contact a utility or telecoms company. It will save endless hours of frustration and get the number required to get through fast! Phonthem is a connection service connecting customers directly to the company of their choice. Phonethem can connect customers directly to utilities and telecoms companies like Sky, British Gas, Thames Water. Calling an 0843 number costs just 7p per minute and calling 0872 numbers costs just 13p per minute, not including the phone company’s access charge. Using Phonethem today to get a direct line to utility providers!

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