Pickens Construction Publishes Information Explaining Benefits Of Recycled Asphalt

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Pickens Construction, a South Carolina-based construction company specializing in asphalt paving and state certified in both South Carolina and Georgia, has published an article explaining the importance of asphalt recycling and the benefits associated with using recycled asphalt. The article was published recently to the online blog Pickens maintains on its website, listed below, which it updates on an approximately bi-weekly basis.

The first benefit of using recycled asphalt mentioned by Pickens Construction in the asphalt paving company’s blog post on the subject is the recycled material’s cost-effectiveness. The primary reason for the relatively low cost of recycled asphalt, according to the article, is the material that is used in its construction. “Recycled asphalt is made from shingles that are either malformed or have come off a roof. When contractors purchase recycled asphalt, it is usually cheaper for them than if they bought other materials,” writes Pickens. This cost savings at the contractor level is often passed on to consumers.

Environmental benefits are also derived from using recycled asphalt, and those benefits are mentioned by Pickens as the second major benefit described in the company’s article. Besides the obvious environmentally sustainable benefit of avoiding the use of newly-created material, there are more subtle environmental benefits mentioned in the local South Carolina construction company’s blog post. “By choosing to have recycled asphalt, there is no need for new oil to be used. There is also not as much construction material that is used up and thrown away because the material that is recycled isn’t thrown into a landfill,” writes the company. Recycled asphalt, Pickens also mentions, is often able to be recycled several times, compounding the environmental benefits.

A final benefit of using recycled asphalt in paving construction projects listed by Pickens Construction, beyond its financial and environmental benefits, is that it is also often of a better quality than non-recycled asphalt. “Recycled asphalt can be just as good since it is more resistant to cracking,” informs Pickens in the final section of its blog post. The construction company can be followed at http://business.weheartit.com/pickensconstruct/collections/126716381-pickens-construction-inc

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