Piker‘s Press has released its first novel, “Kid with the Cape” by Edward Bereta. “Movie rights” have already been optioned by Hollywood producer Michael C. Edwards of Premier Attractions.

As comparisons to Harry Potter--a boy wizard--and Stanley Robeski--a boy magician--are bound to arise, a Piker‘s spokesman explains, “Stanley is much more the American and very skeptical of magic, incantations and spells.”

This budget paperback is a sure bet provide holiday cheer for kids 10 and over, middle-graders, YA‘s, and “oldies.”

Storyline: It‘s 1954 and “The Big Red Scare” is in high gear. Stanley, a young magician, discovers a powerful cape that Red saboteurs will kill for--and soon they‘re on his trail. Booklocker.com has the e-book tell-all and spikestuff.com the paperback.

The book features 16 superb full-page illustrations by Charlotte Tarlitz, which enhance the action while giving it a subtle graphic-novel effect.

Michael C. Edwards, producer-director, explains: “‘Kid with the Cape‘ is a gritty adventure story, pitting a sweet, typical kid against some very nasty villains.”

James W. Bennett, author of ten YA novels, states: “‘Kid . . . ´ is a high-octane kids‘ action-packed story--a thrill-ride you won´t want to miss.”