From desert-dry to moist and humid, Poly Home window shutters from New View Blinds and Shutters keep looking their best in any climate condition. Their Poly Shutters feature UV-inhibiting finishes to carry on their brilliance and are tested for excessive heat deflection temperature to assure that your asset is protected from Colorado's high altitude sun. They provide a limited lifetime warranty against warping, chipping and cracking, even in the most extreme conditions. In addition to providing an exceptional insulation value against Colorado's heat and cold, they are painless to clean and maintain. Our Poly shutters offer the shapely appearance of wood window shutters, plus the durability and soundness of a synthetic. You can have the best of both worlds! They are a handsome, ritzy shutter with a modern flair. With an stylish elliptical louver profile, these plantation shutters are an marvelous choice for the buyer who wants it all.

The remarkable durability of New View's Poly shutters comes from incorporating the same leading-edge ABS co-polymer material used in automobile parts, football helmets and further applications needing tough, resilient materials. Formulated uniquely for strength, Their window shutters remain amazingly lightweight and elegant. Their Poly home window shutters are solid - unlike hollow vinyl plantation shutters - in addition to substantial louvers that won't rattle. Heavy-duty structural joints fashion a long-lasting frame built including the same exactness and craftsmanship found in discriminating furniture.

Among the many advantages of New View's Poly plantation shutters are:

Distinguished Appearance
. Appeal of wooden without the expense
. tailor-made specialty home window shutters in any shape and size, such as arches, octagons and sunbursts
. Paintable finish allows for future color changes

. UV-inhibiting finishes endure staining, fading and yellowing
. ABS co-polymer coating resists denting

Demensional Stability
. defy temperatures up to 140?F compared to 120?F for many other synthetic plantation shutters
. Resistance to sagging, shrinking and swelling to guarantee tight shutter closure

Innovative Constuction
. Authentic custom handcrafting without pre-fabrication and short-cuts
. hidden recessed magnets for a streamlined look
. Solid core as well as furniture-quality handcrafting
. Structurally superior mortise and tenon joints

Why New View's Poly Shutter is more desirable than PolyWood?
. withstands temperatures up to 140?F compared to 120?F for PolyWood. It won't sag in Colorado's high altitude sun such as PolyWood plantation shutters can.
. New View's Poly Shutter ABS construction makes added louver lengths possible, creating the selection of greater panels possible for a cleaner and less obscured view out of the window. Many PolyWood window shutters are limited to around 28 inches wide. However, Their Poly plantation shutters may provide panel widths up to 36 inches wide!
. New View's Poly Shutter has a much harder material surface, reducing the likelihood of dings and dents.
. Colors have been selected to match customers' color scheme and are extraordinarily versatile.
. PolyWood shutters offer a rubber flap between the stiles that require shutting the shutter panels at the same time. This rubber flap may become joined together over time due to heat. Their stile has a precise bevel that allows each panel to be opened and shut independently, indeed further providing light control.

Such as any home investment, only window shutters of celebrated quality can provide long-term value and help build up your Colorao home's increase in worth. This requires the finest materials, handcrafting processes, state-of-the-art technology and quality control systems used to make New View's Poly home window shutters. Although constructed specifically for strength, they remain amazingly lightweight-perfect for everyday living!

Ray Bork is the owner of New View Blinds and Shutters, located in Colorado.
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