Ponzi schemes have been around for over one hundred years; however, since the Bernie Madoff scandal erupted and thousands of investors were defrauded of billions of dollars, this has become more of a household phrase, affecting many “average” Americans. More recently, the South Florida community was shocked to learn that the senior partner of a prestigious law firm was running a billion dollar Ponzi scheme. It seems that every other week you open the newspaper to find out that another investment fraud has been discovered.

The South Florida community was recently shocked to learn of an alleged Ponzi scheme conducted by a prominent Ft. Lauderdale attorney. While the details of these scheme are still being uncovered, it is alleged that this scheme spanned over several years and over $1 billion. This case was such a shock to the South Florida community because this particular attorney was known for his philanthropy, making over $1.9 million in political contributions and serving on the board several charitable organizations. The details of this scheme, and the people affected by it continue to remain on the front page of the newspapers around the community.

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