Brothersoft, a leading game download portal, today announced the launch of the most popular game trends. Game trends, a more detailed classification rank, offer users a more convenient downloads-oriented service.

Brothersoft, one of the most popular software download stations, offers a wide variety of classic game download services. Compared with other download stations, the game trend covers multi-type games and the level of users of all ages. Brothersoft game trends is a hot classification rank that enables users to learn the most popular games users concerned and get the latest game trend which give users game advises. From this download list of the game trends, it is very convenient and direct for users to find the suitable game and quickly download.

Game trends can be directly response to the popularity of games and the trend of the games. As to the users with specific demand, users could know more about other classification of popular games through the trend of Top 10 ranking and guided to download the games. On the contrary, if the users without specific demand, Top trends will be the best guide for the users to find out their favorite games.

"Our game trends can offer users a comprehensive game guide, making users find their own games more conveniently. From our game trends, Super Mario, Dragon Ball, Pikachu, Counter Strike, Red Alert 3 Beta and Diablo II have become the most popular games." One of game channels managers said, "For us, Brothersoft need improvement and innovation in future. We analyzed the popularity of games and latest needs of users so that we can accurately and rapidly follow the future game trend and gain more users. "

Over the coming months, Brothersoft will continue launching the latest game trends and strive to recommend users better games to help users enjoy a better gaming experience.

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