Global led lighting and TV technology manufacturing leader Gecey has been hard at work during the last 5 years to establish a prominent global customer base that expands to every corner of the world and with this aim, Gecey has been participating in various notable international exhibition, expos and trade fairs. By becoming a part of such events, Gecey is able to provide the attendees a chance to experience their innovative, technologically advanced line of products including LED televisions, cheap monitors and plexiglass sheet technology.

Keeping the needs of their clients first is one of Gecey’s core values, for them it is important to interact with their clients, learn about their needs and deliver the high standard products their clients deserve. “Our core values are honesty, responsibility, innovation, teamwork and client first, and our greatest glory is clients’ trust and praise. It is always a pleasure to meet our clients and prospective clients at exhibitions and expos to have a chance to interactive with them face to face. In the future, each of our employees will keep our core values in mind to work hard continuously to win over more clients,” Gecey spokesperson said of their past experiences.

The international exhibitions, fairs and expos usually welcome attendees from all over the globe to experience the current and future trends of the world of technology, such events present companies a golden chance to display their work and draw the attention of a global audience.

The selection of products Gecey is exhibiting at CeBIT includes the revolutionary range of led tv for sale , cheap monitors, plexiglass sheets. One of the most popular products that always manage to capture the attention of the attendees is the Curved LED TV. Gecey produces all sizes of led TV including HD LED TVs, full HD TVs in various sizes such as the 22 inch, led TV 32 inch, TV 32 inch, led TV 40 inch and larger. The clients are impressed by Gecey’s TV affordability and the high standard of quality that is backed by various certification of quality, for example UL , TUV, ROHS and so on.

Today, Gecey enjoys a strong global customer base.


Established over 5 years ago, Gecey is quickly becoming a leader in global led backlit panel, light box, panel light , led tube , acrylic , led monitor and led TV industry based in China. For more information, please visit:

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