Toronto, Canada GAO Comm ( offers its handheld signal level meter, a portable device operating in a frequency range of 46MHz to 870MHz. It is specially designed and manufactured for CATV systems installation and testing. This meter is commonly used to test CATV signal levels in both channel and frequency modes. As a measurement instrument, this handheld meter is especially useful for CATV stations due to its ability to simultaneously display two channels. It is ideally suited for the maintenance of digital, analog or bilateral networks.
This multi-functional signal level meter, model 828B, offers a quick response without requiring warm-up. The easy-to-carry signal level measures parameters such as CATV TILT, C/N, and trunk cable voltage efficiently and accurately. It displays all test results clearly on a large character TN LCD screen. This level meter features a portable and rugged design, high-speed measurement and simple operation, which makes it one of the most popular instruments for general and integrated applications.
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