Toronto,Canada - GAO Instruments ( offers its easy-to-use (TDR)Cable Fault Locator, which is used to locate radio frequency (RF) cable faults such as short circuits, open circuits, high resistance joints and splices. The cable fault locator determines cable faults by transmitting an electrical pulse that propagates with specified speed depending on the cable type.Upon analysis,it automatically displays the fault type and the distance of the fault.
The potable TDR cablefault locator,model A0500006, has a maximum test range of 1200 meters. It features compact and rugged design, high test accuracy and stability and simple operation.The optimized cable fault locator ships with two 1.2V/1.2Ah NiMH batteries and a measurement detector.By connecting the detector to 100m standard cables, the device is able to calibrate cable type following a few simple steps as indicated on the screen.
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