In modern Britain when parents are expecting a baby it is quite natural and almost expected that parents will attend anti-natal courses to prepare them for the birth and maybe the first 6 months of their child‘s life. Somehow however there is still a feeling in modern society that once you are through this initial stage of your child‘s life the rest come naturally and that parenting is an instinctive skill that we should all have.
If any help was needed then new parents would typically have looked to their parents and wider family for parenting tips and parenting advice. However in more modern fast moving societies like Britain today family units are much more mobile and fragmented and thus often this ´traditional‘ support is no longer available. This has left a vacuum for parents who often are faced with challenges in bringing up their children that they do not know how to deal with no family support to help them.
Faced with this situation many parents would just hope they can muddle through others would read books or parenting guides for parenting tips which may or may not have helped them resolve the issue. But as many parents will have found, as their children grow the issues change. Problems with bedtimes or mealtimes get resolved then homework becomes an issue and often the teenage years loom large in the background like a black cloud on the horizon moving ever closer.
In the last decade or so parents have become more aware of ´Positive Parenting‘. Positive Parenting is a broad term that covers a range of life skills. These parenting skills can be learnt in the same way that one might learn the skills associated with any job and when learnt can allow parents to be much more effective in their interactions with their children so that their relationship with them and their whole experience of the years their children are growing up can be enriched.
The Parent Practice is an organisation based in SW London that has been teaching positive parenting skills to parents for the last 10 years. The Parent Practice produces parenting guides in the form of short publications, books and CDs but our main work is done face-to-face via parenting courses.
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