India‘s largest motivational audio company Positive Revolution launches Smoothe Mixx audio across India. Smoothe Mixx is an innovative and entertaining motivational platform where music is mixed with inspirational messages. Spoken word industry of self improvement and learning is now mixed with music so that the listener has an uplifting listening experience. Just the way people remember the lyrics of their favorite songs; in Smoothe Mixx you will be reminded of powerful messages of personal growth that works almost like an empowering affirmation for you. Positive Revolutions has launched the Smoothe Mixx version of spoken words and electrifying speeches from motivational giants like Jim Rohn, Les Brown, Denis Waitley, Brian Tracy, Wayne Malcolm, Peter Sage, Vic Johnson and BJ Cunningham, just to name a few. Popular titles in Smoothe Mixx includes YOUTH GOT TO BE HUNGRY, SELF MADE MILLIONAIRE, THINK LIKE A CHAMPION, LESSONS OF THE SEASONS, IT‘S NOT OVER, STEP INTO YOUR GREATNESS, INSPIRED FOR LIVING, BIG DREAMS, LIFE BY DESIGN etc.

From corporate executives & CEOs to the young generation of students are now listening to the Smoothe Mixx experience to get their daily doze of inspiration for personal and business growth. “Smoothe Mixx is absolutely one of the most powerful medium to rewire our neural pathways to think, feel and act in a positive manner to reach any positive outcome” says Paul Robinson , the best selling author of ´The Law of Attraction‘ and he adds that ´It is a true blessing for people with their NET(No Extra Time) time to educate themselves from the masters in motivation and self help.‘
Well indeed, Smoothe Mixx is the new wave of technology that will inspire many generations in the future and the trend of this motivational experience is already catching up across the nation like a wild fire. In India you can order a Smoothe Mixx CD from
Listen to the masters and you won‘t be not only just nodding to the messages you hear but also tapping your feet to the music as well. That is the power of the mix that raises your vibrations to a higher self.
Grab your Smoothe Mixx copy today.