Informatica PowerCenter is the unified, single enterprise data integration platform for discovering, integrating and accessing data from almost any kind of business system in any form of format and distributing that data all through the enterprise at desirable speed. High performing, highly accessible and totally scalable, PowerCenter acts as the foundation for any data integration project as well as enterprise integration enterprises throughout the enterprise.

IT organizations, global development teams and business analysts, primarily all rely over the PowerCenter for maximizing the business value of the enterprise data. to the business analysts, the PowerCenter gives them timely, trusted data all across the enterprise with the main aim to meet the operational and analytical requirements of a business. Comprehensive reporting and auditing capabilities allow the business analysts to favor risk, compliance initiatives and governance.

When it comes to IT management, PowerCenter gives scalability, unparalleled performance along with high accessibility for supporting the enterprise data, mission critical data integration processes while lessening the development costs and time.

To the global IT developers/ team, PowerCenter encourages the collaboration amidst the IT and business across the team of global development. The platform enables teams to share, reuse, and maintain data mapping and definitions across projects and platforms. Zero recording means superior productivity and quick results.

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