Premier Consumer Group, a leading provider of tax reassessment services, starts offering professional loan modification services. The company delivers its loan modification services through collaboration with a bevy of companies, including debt settlement and refinance companies, bankruptcy attorneys and foreclosure specialists. The company‘s property tax reduction assistance is delivered with expert help from appraisers who reassess an over-appraised property for tax reduction. This is an Online Business Bureau accredited company established in 1992, and enjoys an AAA rating.

The company‘s loan modification services help prevent foreclosure through the modification of the loan terms. These include changing the loan type, decreasing the interest rate, or extending the payback period of the loan. The company negotiates with the lending institution to modify the loan to enable timely and sustainable monthly payment. This requires the company to prove to the lender that loan modification is less costly than foreclosure. To this effect, the borrower needs to submit documents, such as a hardship letter, latest income documents, overview of household expenses and his loan account number.

The experience and expertise of the company is vital, especially their understanding of the RESPA and TILA laws and guidelines. This specialized knowledge enhances the clients‘ success rates at obtaining loan modifications. Since the related laws and regulations are largely unknown to the general public, the chances of successful loan modifications are dismal if one were to negotiate for oneself.

Besides, the company also considers and evaluates several available options, based on the customer‘s loan terms and the lender type. The company then creates a customized rescue plan aimed at reaching a viable financial goal that meets the borrower‘s as well as the lender‘s needs. The company also negotiates with the lender to adjust their client‘s past due amount into the remaining principal balance. This amount is re-amortized over a period of time.

About Premier Consumer Group: Premier Consumer Group is a leading attorney-based loan modification and tax reassessment firm that helps customers prevent foreclosure and reduce their property tax burden respectively. The company operates through its wide network of experts companies and service providers.

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