VIRGINIA BEACH, Va., September 8, 2009 - Every day, smokers are more limited to where they can smoke. First it was the workplace; then restaurants and bars; and now many outdoor areas have bans on smoking. And, while it‘s evident that smoking is bad for your health, quitting can present a challenge. That‘s where the e-cigarette comes in an electronic cigarette that provides the sensation of smoking without the commonly-associated health risks.

With the e-cigarette, it‘s possible for smokers to smoke anywhere and everywhere. And, while it looks, feels, and tastes like a cigarette, it‘s actually much more. It‘s more smoke, more puffs, and more money in your pocket. It‘s also less mess and provides no unpleasant smell or second-hand smoke danger.

Electronic cigarettes are battery powered and doses of nicotine are delivered through an inhaled vaporized liquid nicotine solution. Smokers still receive a dose of nicotine accompanied by the flavor and physical sensation that is associated with inhaling traditional tobacco.

A microprocessor also activates an orange glowing light at the tip to simulate a real smoking experience.

“Smokers can now smoke everywhere with this revolutionary e-cigarette,” Greta Fennelly, co-owner says. “It also allows smokers to adjust their preferred level of nicotine.”

The nicotine content in the atomized cartridges is classified into five categories: high (16 mg); medium (11 mg); low (6 mg); ultra low (4 mg); and zero (0 mg), making it easy for people to limit their nicotine intake over time.

And, most importantly, users of the PremiumEcigarette can be assured that all products undergo a strict quality-control check to deliver safety and quality each time. Each shipment is accompanied by an official letter stating that the e-liquid fluid that is inside the refill cartridges has been tested and does not contain Diethylene Glycol or other carcinogens that have been found in some other electronic cigarette suppliers‘ cartridges.

The PremiumEstore offers a wide array of e-cigarette styles, flavors and colors. Accessories include stylish cases and car chargers. Cigars are also available.

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