NOIDA, India (November 19, 2009) India today is a growing consumer market with its economy growing more than 6% annually. As the disposal income of many consumers grows significantly, the consumers are ready to explore and try out new products and services if they consider worth spending money on them. However, the real challenge for shoppers is to find products at best prices and therefore a need to have a proper research and comparison tool that meets this objective. TolMol recognizes the growing demand of the Indian shopper and has recently introduced a new smart Blog as Buying Guides for its smart shoppers to make their shopping a real fun. The buying guides on TolMol spans wide range of categories including consumer electronics, home appliances and lifestyle.

TolMol offers a unique social platform that combines the best of search technology and social shopping features. It empowers shoppers to make informed buying decisions by offering detailed and thoroughly researched recommendations on products and services. TolMol takes users through the pros and cons of various options and offers the best advice that meets their specific shopping needs. So, the next time you plan to buy cool products for yourself or for your friends/family, do check the TolMol Buying Guides to gain more information on those products.

About TolMol - Search, Compare, and Share
TolMol is a social comparison shopping service. TolMol's mission is to empower people in making informed decisions. Using TolMol, you can search and compare prices, features, and ratings of products and services in all popular categories like Mobiles, Computers, Electronics, Clothing, Autos, Travel, and more. TolMol Featured Blogs feature helps in making opinion about products and in the buying decision. Shoppers can also find information on local shops, products and services of their interest, in their city. To access TolMol, please visit