London, UK,Leading emergency plumbers in London, IQ Plumbing Services (, are urging businesses and households in London to prevent the rise in drainage problems and the risk of flooding, due to climate change, before they happen.

The devastation caused by flooding has been starkly illustrated in recent weeks through the tragic events that have occurred in Cumbria, but while that flood was down to a “once in a millennia” storm, due to colder and wetter winters and outdated drainage systems, the risk of burst and blocked drains in London is rising, as is the danger of flooding, and while the causes may differ, the consequences could be equally catastrophic.

As a leading emergency drainage company in London, IQ Plumbing have had a great deal of first-hand experience in dealing with the problems caused by outdated pipes across London, which is why they are urging businesses and households to call them in before a serious problem arises and they have an urgent need for a plumber in London.

“The motto that prevention is better than cure has never been truer,” says Steve Roos of IQ Plumbing. “While we can fix problems when they happen, they can be easily avoided by replacing outdated, faulty pipes and ensuring drains are cleared out and maintained regularly, which avoids the inconvenience and significantly higher expense involved in dealing with problems when they happen.”

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