In a report issued today by the Denko Group, prime brokers are now assessed by hedge fund managers with revised criteria in the post-crisis era.

It is no longer enough for prime brokers to provide the standard custodial, reporting and finance services. Hedge fund managers now expect a broader range of capabilities to track and trade products. Firms that have not upgraded reporting and analysis technology will have trouble attracting new business. The same is true of firms not expanding staffing in the risk management and fund strategy departments.

The report goes on to predict that the major primes will regain lost market share at the expense of mid and mini prime firms. Consolidation can already be seen in the mini prime sector as higher capital requirements stress the smaller firms and new entrants. This is a positive indication that greater responsibility and stewardship is returning to a sector which had no small part in the recent global financial crisis.

The full text of the report is available by request Denko Group‘s registered institutional partners.

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