Nowadays, to be successful in your business, no matter what type of activity you run, you must be really well prepared to manage your resources efficiently, so you won't lose precious time. But the management process can be different, in accordance with the type of business you have. This is the reason why an activity that is repetitive or is settled to undergo for a really long period of time, will need a different type of management than the case of a project that must be done in a few months for example. Under these circumstances, Projects IN Controlled Environments or PRINCE2 method has been developed as a solution for managing all the aspects implied by a project successfully.

There are more and more countries that choose PRINCE2 as the standard methodology in project management, the governments of Australia and New Zealand asking for project managers to be PRINCE2 certified. This is the reason why if you hear about people with a PRINCE2 certification in Wellington or Sydney, don't be surprised. What is really amazing about this management method is the fact that it was developed in UK as a solution to lots of failing projects. In this way, all the people that are trained as practitioners of PRINCE2 in Melbourne for example, will also learn what needs to be done, so the project is successful in the end.

When someone decides to become a PRINCE2 certified specialist in Sydney, they must know that there are two exams that must be passed. The first part is the PRINCE2 Foundation course, where people learn the basics of this management, culminating with a one-hour exam that has multiple choice questions. The second part is the PRINCE2 Practitioner course, its exam lasting longer - 3 hours, being a scenario-based exam with multiple choice questions.

A PRINCE2 practitioner from Canberra will have to retake the Practitioner exam every 5 years, if he wants to remain accredited. In this way, each person who is PRINCE2 certified must be in continuous connection with everything that appears new in this domain. Also, a PRINCE2 trainer from Brisbane must be re-accredited every 3 years. This training system of project management had helped people all over the world to achieve the necessary knowledge, skills and management competence, so they are able to finish their tasks on time.

PRINCE2 has been shown to be successful in all kind of projects and the practitioners have learned what they need to do to adjust the initial planning along the way, to compensate for the problems that show up. PRINCE2 from Sydney can be used even in normal businesses, if the company's managers want to invest financially in human resources, so they could become more efficient for the company's benefit. In this way, the investment could be paid off in a certain period of time, but the profit will be seen for a long period of time. Project management is a pretty complex process and if you want to operate at a high standard, then PRINCE2 methodology could be the solution for you.

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