When a debtor files for consumer bankruptcy he/she waits impatiently for the outcome. The outcome of the filing bankruptcy depends mainly on the justification of inability to pay your debts. The process duration of bankruptcy approval or rejection by the bankruptcy depends on many factors.

The duration of filing process mainly depends on the type of bankruptcy that one has filed for and the documentation needed for that. Usually most of the debtors file for either chapter 7 bankruptcy or filing chapter 13 bankruptcy. In most of the cases that www.bankruptcyonly.com has helped at filing, the process duration till approval has been one or two months. Without professional help this process duration can go up to even several months. In case of File chapter 7 bankruptcy the duration from filing to discharge is 4-5 months.

With reference to documentation, you should know what documents are needed to be furnished to prove that you are worth the bankruptcy approval by the bankruptcy court. The documentation can be easy and at times too cumbersome. It is always better to seek professional help from companies like especially for documentation. Chapter 13 bankruptcy discharge usually takes 36-65 months from the time of filing.

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The process duration also depends on the number of filings pending with the bankruptcy attorney. The more the number of pending cases more is the time needed for the process. There are some issues that can lead to wastage of time. Try to get the credit counseling certificates as quickly as possible. Take care that the credit counseling certificate is valid and not expired. The debtor should take the financial education class as early as possible after the filing. Start collecting the payment advises and pays slips 7 months prior to the filing because the means test is dependent on financial data pertain to the past six calendar months. After the conclusion of the first hearing the lenders or creditors get a month to take the objection. Whenever you file for bankruptcy service utmost care has to be taken to minimize the effect of this objection.

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