You don‘t have to let the world know that you believe in God and Jesus Christ through boring, staid or dull ways. Christianity today is a far cry from the years wherein proclaiming your love for Jesus was synonymous to being a geek. Now, you can let everyone know of your love for Jesus Christ in cool, hip and affordable Christian shirts. Below are just a few reasons why these affordable Christian shirts are perfect for teens like you.

These affordable Christian shirts use a language that is familiar with teens.
These Christian t-shirts use statements from popular websites or even TV shows that other teens can relate to. One shirt, for instance, has “You have a friend request. Confirm?” printed on it, with a picture of Jesus Christ. Another has the words “BRB” printed on it. These cool statements are words and ideas that other teens use and understand today.

Talented individuals creatively design these Christian t-shirts. Angel wings, funky crosses and curlicues are just some of the elements used in the shirts. You can be sure that no two shirts are the same. Some shirts even have design elements that are the rave in the independent music scene. Black and white and gray scale vector drawings, for instance, highlight some of these affordable Christian shirts.

These Christian t-shirts use various iconic references. This brings great recall to your friends and teachers. Some even become instant hits in campuses and schools. The famous Barack Obama poster, for instance, is used to create a shirt with Jesus‘ image instead of Obama‘s. Another shirt‘s graphic looks similar to the popular Coca-cola logo, with “He is the real thing” printed on it. Are you a rocker at heart? Then go for a black, iconic AC/DC-styled Jesus shirt.

They come in different sizes and colors. Gray, white, pink, black—these affordable Christian shirts come in the most popular colors for teens. Black is always a good rebellious color while gray, brown and blue can go with just about anything. You can even wear yellow Christian t-shirts for a more summery feel. These cool shirts also come in male and female sizes. Baby tees are also available for those who want a sexier fit. There are even cute jumpsuits for babies!

They are made from comfortable materials. Soft, non-abrasive material is used for premium, comfortable shirts that won‘t cause rashes. These affordable Christian shirts are also pre-shrunk for a contoured, custom fit. 100% super soft cotton in baby jersey knit make for perfect materials that ensure a great silhouette for women and girls. Fine jersey cotton, which are combed for comfort, is used for men‘s shirts.

These are only a couple of reasons why wearing modern, hip Christian t-shirts is the best and easiest way to show everyone your love for Jesus Christ. With many creative designs, as well as a variety of colors and sizes to choose from, these affordable Christian shirts make proclaiming your faith as cool as posting about the latest concert you went to on your Twitter account.

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