Los Angeles, California - With the improving economy there is now more flexibility for borrowers looking to qualify for a home loan. is extending stated income mortgages to self-employed borrowers without all the hoops and hurdles of a traditional home loan.

Traditional loan requirements can be very difficult for self-employed borrowers that minimize income on their tax returns. Many self-employed borrowers don’t qualify for a traditional loan in spite of high credit scores and adequate savings for down payments. For many self employed borrowers, verifying income with tax returns becomes a real problem. Reported income is not usually an indicator of a borrower’s ability to pay their loan on a regular basis. With stated income mortgage lenders like, there are very basic requirements for qualifying.

Stated Income Mortgage Requirements

There is a new set of requirements for a stated income mortgage, and they are considerably more self-employed friendly. First a low FICO score requirement of 600 on the low end takes into account the business debt reported on a person’s credit report. Next, a down payment between 20-30% is required with an allowance of 10% from gift sources. Interest rates range from 7-9%, with faster approval time due to no income verification mortgage underwriting.

Traditional Mortgage Requirements

Traditional mortgage requirements can be difficult for most self-employed people to meet. These requirements have a high FICO score minimum to meet as well as high down payments before they will agree to approve the mortgage loan. When banks look at the ability to pay the monthly payment, they take into consideration what is called an income to debt ratio. In the case of a self-employed person, personal debt and business debt are both considered in this ratio. These are just two considerations of a traditional mortgage loan.

With the ease of restrictions on lending, borrowers can now qualify for loans without showing tax returns! QK is now approving stated income loans . No income verification is required, and FICO scores can be as low as 600! Call today to get pre-approved on the phone, with pre-approvals in 24-48 hours.


QK Mortgage is part of Maxim Real Estate Group Inc., which is a CA BRE licensed Real Estate Broker. QK Mortgage specializes in stated income loans and assists borrowers to get approvals for high limit mortgage loans up to $2 million, without the need to submit income verification documents. With a minimum credit score of 600, individuals may now be eligible for a home loan.

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