Are you looking for structural steel detailing services provider? If yes you are at right place. At Structural CADD Services we provide accurate steel detailing services for all type of steel structures. We understand steel detailing is most complex process so for maximum accuracy we are using latest software and technology.

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Our steel detailers are strictly following international standards for all type of steel detailing projects. We provide every minute detail for each steel member for maximum satisfaction. We accept detailing projects at international level as well as domestic level. We are handling hundreds of steel detailing projects for our offshore clients.

Find what our structural steel detailing services include:

• Various type of drawings like shop drawings, fabrication drawings, erection drawings
• Sheet metal layouts and detailing
• Pre cast and pre stress detailing
• Post tension detailing
• Joist detailing
• Material list and grating layout
• All connection details between beam, column and slab
• Working drawings for structures

For accurate and quality outputs, we are using latest software including Xsteel and Tekla. Our experts are working on a number of input and output files described as below:

• PDF files
• JPEG images
• Scanned images
• Revit files
• AutoCAD files

Just ask us at [email protected] in which format you want to get output for your steel detailing projects. Feel free to ask us for quotes or to send your requirements.

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